Some most excellent Yiddish (or possibly Yinglish?) words to be employed in polite and not so polite conversation

bubbeleh honey/dear/pet

bupkiss nothing

chotchkeh knick-knack

chutzpah insolence or cheek

faklempt bummed out, bad mood; also choked up, emotional

farkatke lousy, ridiculous

goy non-Jew

kvetch complainer, bitcher

mensch real man

meshuggeneh mad or crazy

mishigas craziness

nebbish a man who walks into an empty room and it's still empty

putz jerk or stupid ass

schadchn matchmaker (female)

schmuck dirty penis (so use this word with care...)

schnorrer moocher, beggar

shiksa goy female (male=sheygets)

shlemozzel uproar

shlemiel clumsy person, pitiful bungler, fool

shlep drag or carry; long journey; stupid oaf

shloompy frumpy or slovenly

shmaltz extreme sentimentality

shpilkes nerves, nervous energy

shtick theatrical routine

shtup shag or screw

schvitz to sweat

veys mir oooooooooh my god (also oy vey, vey gevalt)

yenta gossip

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